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Archive for June, 2013

Galcon 2 – beta14 – Experiment with Classes!

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Our other Galcon Goat, Nibbles (from my Nan’s goat bath video) had her kid just a few days ago! Her name is Nubbin! Goats are fun!

And, there’s a new beta out for all the backers! Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight iOS testers will be emailed shortly.

beta14 includes a ton of great stuff:

– Major overhaul of the iOS game interface. Please give it another go and tell me if I got it right yet.

– Some deep bug fixing. There have been quite a few Windows 7 crash complaints, please tell me if I fixed them. I’ve been unable to reproduce them on my own computer, so it’s a bit of shooting in the dark.

– And .. CLASSES! Now when you sign onto a server click on the Class name and change your class and try out the different options. I’m really excited to see how some of these play out. They are 100% unbalanced, so it’ll definitely be a raw experience.

As always, please post your comments to the forums. I read everything!!

Thanks for being part of Galcon 2! I’ll be online for a bit, so pop in and play!


Galcon 2 – beta13 – It’s like an MMO with Leaderboards!!!

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Hey, a ton has happened in the past two weeks. The most important being, my first baby goat “Petunia” was born! Here’s a pic, of me in my office. At the bottom right corner you can see some notes I was making about what database backend I was going to use for Galcon 2.

Also, I made a new beta of Galcon, this time with the Galaxy Map integrated with servers and leaderboards! So get out there and be the first Grand Admiral of Galcon 2!!* Backers can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight / iOS will get email notifications shortly.

Here’s a picture of the new lobby system on a screen size that’s smaller than an iPhone:

Have fun!

* Leaderboards subject to reset without notice. Also, leaderboard algorithm is going to be changed over time. That’s why it’s called a “beta”. Though, let’s be honest, this is more of an “alpha”.

Galcon 2 – beta12 – Galaxy Map Prototype!!

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Get ready – beta12 is now available for backers on Windows, Mac, and Linux. iOS TestFlight people can go to TestFlight and grab the latest build in a few minutes.

The thing I’m most excited about in this build is the addition of the Galaxy Map. It’s in prototype stage right now, so you can’t join servers, or do anything – really, but you can play with the interface a bit.

I had a lot of fun working on this, and I’m hoping to make it connect to servers very soon! So give it a try and tell me what you think.

I also fixed a million bugs. If you are an iOS player, a lot of the stuff you reported got fixed. Chat works considerably better. Be sure to keep re-reporting bugs to the forums as you come across them though!

Thanks for playing! Have fun!