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Archive for February, 2018

Water and light

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

This weekend I got a lot of items done! The core engine is somewhat working, and the most fun bit has been trying to work out the interactions between water and light.


Barely an editor

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

I spent most of my time working on improving the water flow algorithm. As it turns out, I couldn’t find any real improvements, so it’s not visually any different than last week. Code-wise, it’s maybe a bit better.

To say I got something done, I added in basic auto-tiling and a barely functioning editor.

Nothing too fancy, but hopefully I can add gameplay sometime soon. Will probably build up the editor more first.


Water effects (part 2)

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

After a while I found re-working the water algorithm in C++ was taking too long. I recoded it in Lua with a much lower resolution and numbers over the water so I could see exactly what was happening.

I first reproduced the classic demo-scene effect. The problem with this effect is that it does not maintain volume at all, it is a rapid simulation of the waves only.

I found an algorithm that would preserve volume, however it was very slow and did not have a very wavy / water feel to it. I’m not even sure if I implemented it right.

I did a lot of experimenting with different ideas until I made one that did work! This effect is wavy and maintains volumes. It also settles down over time. Quite a few of my experiments would never result in a calm pool.

I then re-coded it into C++. Initially I was disappointed to see it not work at all, but I found by adjusting the parameters I was able to get the effect I want. With a larger area for the waves to wave in, they behaved much differently than in a small area.

I did a bit of optimization work on the algorithm and the rendering and it now works at a decent speed even for large bodies of water.