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Phil Hassey as Wolverine
"What kind of
arrogant jerk
has a website like this?"


Phil Hassey, manly teetotaler, creator of Galcon, and proud goat owner, won the IGF Innovation in Mobile Game Design award for Galcon in 2009. When he isn’t wandering aimlessly or playing the fiddle, he’ll be coding like mad and co-organizing the Ludum Dare game jam. Previously, he was webmaster for and buried skeletons in a surreal mountain town. Now he drives a ’59 Plymouth Fury and wants to buy a pair of giraffes.

Outdated bio

Phil Hassey is the complete package. Hassey has over 100 years of experience during his 30 year life-span. 20 years experience software development, 16 years experience classical viola, 8 years experience fiddle, 4 years experience story teller, 15 years experience game development, 12 years experience web development, 10 years experience being married, 7 years goat ownership, and over 30 years experience being alive. Truely a multifaceted person, Hassey looks to continue developing his career with exponentially large numbers.

Born in 1979, Hassey spent his formative years researching for a biotoxic firm on a remote island near the coast of Australia. He looks forward to spending his deformative years shaving llamas in Yugoslavia.